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These creatures are born from the immense love for the earth.
All my best memories as a child see me immersed in nature,
and even now when I feel empty, its scent, shapes and colors regenerate me
and they reconnect me with my most sacred and pure part, the soul.
Almapatrice creations are deliberately unique, made with love
for you, there are no copies, but the beauty of a creation that represents us.

The Almapatrice Line represents my side as a child enchanted by the world of dreams,
and from the depiction of fantastic creatures but also of magical moments
in which we cut ourselves off from the world to listen deeply to the here and now.
Almapachamama instead makes my soul speak. The women I represent are my Muses.
They are born in a meditative state of Light for them to be inspirational and
light contact with sacred soul healing plans.
I work on what inspires me with passion and awareness for this
every material present has been studied and listened to before use.
Each creature is a small portal to look inside and access our sacred space,
they are a wish for light, love and protection.

I am madly in love with the natural shades of this noble material
and I prefer it
natural clays, the only soft color is poetry
and the contact of the hands on the terracotta
it is an emotion that I want to explore
more and more and it is an honor for me to share
this trip with you.


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